Some Of The Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

Some of the comments our clients say.

Dave TaylorManaging Director, Tait Mobile Radio (HN)
Since purchasing the ACT i70 Six Bay Desktop Charger, complete with 2 x ACT iGAUGE Battery Analyser Adaptors in April 2005, we have been able to reactivate a quantity of both NiCd and NiMH batteries for our rental stock and customers. Many of these batteries were below the minimum capacity and written off until cycled on the ACT Charger. The need for charging a large quantity of batteries in minimal time has become much easier with the ACT Six Bay Charger. Charging new batteries to full capacity in as little as 2 hours.Changing the charging pockets for different makes and models of batteries is a huge advantage for our Technicians, reducing the number of charger's required in our Technical Division. Changing pockets is so easy -even our Administrator can do it!
Charlie FooteCoastal Communications
I want to do what’s best for the customer, if we can save them a little money on batteries in the long run that a happier customer. Everyone we have sold to has been very happy with it, we carry the ACTivators as a service to our customers. Yes we probably are selling fewer batteries, but if the customer is happy, he’ll stay with us because he knows that we’re looking out for his best interests.
Mike McNeilFMC Marine Colloids (manufacturer)
“No one’s complaining for a change, and I love that. With my personal radio, I only change the battery once a day and I’m a happy camper.“The ACTivators are doing well. The batteries are charged daily and we have no problems – it’s gotten rid of battery memory. Now, when the batteries are charged up, they’re charged for the day -- a 12- hour shift. This is a manufacturing plant that operates 24/7 with about 150 radios, so being able to depend on our batteries for a full shift is important. Before we got the ACTivators, you might have had to charge a battery in the middle of the day.
John E. McGuireOperations Liason Unified Port District San Diego (Airport Traffic Control)
We’re happy with the ACTivator. We’ve tried a bunch of different chargers, and this is the first thing that works. It keeps batteries alive. We’ve tried everything, even the Motorola conditioner/ charger, and it didn’t do anything for our batteries. We tested the ACTivator, and it absolutely amazed at how quickly it brought life back to batteries. A battery will actually last an entire shift. Even after we got the Motorola charger, we though we were just out of luck with batteries. Batteries had been a very sore subject around here for a long time.
Russell SmithComms Manager, Grampian Fire Brigade
We installed an ACT charger in our local station and found that within a few weeks the number of batteries being sent back as unusable has dropped dramatically.
Greg ManningSystems Technician @ Lucent Technologies
I haven’t heard any complaints since we got the ACTivators, and that’s definitely good.
Having the ACTivators has improved the usability of the batteries themselves, especially on older batteries. I’ll put the batteries on analyzers, and they’ll discharge and recharge the batteries. When they don’t come to full capacity, I put them in the ACT charger, and they usually come right back.
Jim RosaQuigley Communications, System Maintenance
“I think there may be a place for the ACTivator with every customer, and we would like to sell them. We would recommend it, now that I’ve seen it works.I think it’s a great deal because it works well. You plug it in, it charges the batteries in a very short time, and they work well. I’ll tell everyone about it. As far as I’m concerned its a great productI think it’s a wonderful product and I think it has a great future.
Don YowellColorado Springs Utilities
We love the ACTivators, they’re working great. We like it because it works and it doesn’t ruin the batteries. We don’t have bad batteries anymore. The first ACTivator paid for itself when the charger arrived. I had two $75 batteries ready for disposal and it revived them right away.
Bud AbbottRadio Comms Dept, Gloucester Police • United Kingdom
After evaluating the Activator we made the decision to purchase a small number of units for selected stations. The ACT Charger / conditioner is ideal for use on the frontline as our officers do not need a degree in battery management to use the unit! Green simply means the battery is charged to 100% while red indicates a fault on the battery. We plan to purchase more units when our budget allows
Andy SandersonTechnical Officer (Comms), Information Systems Dept • South Yorkshire Police UK
After evaluating the ACT charger / conditioner we have replaced two-thirds of our standard Kenwood chargers with Activators. The Activator has become a major asset in restoring confidence in our radio communications and we can now provide a more efficient and reliable service to our officers (who like the fact that they can now rely on the battery being charged to full capacity) and the general public. A major advantage for me is that when we switch to TETRA I can use the same charger and just change the adaptersWe anticipate recovering the cost of the chargers in less than a year by slashing the cost of our battery replacement programme and reducing manpower used on our battery maintenance program. The Activator has certainly helped in solving some of the battery problems that we have had to cope with for years.
Derek WignallRadio Comms Dept. Lancashire Police • UK
We carried out a detailed evaluation of the Activator, we found that it exceeded the companies' claims in recovering older batteries. We purchased a small number of units for our own use. The ACT Charger / conditioner proved very useful in preparing the high number of batteries required to Police the recently held Conservative Party Conference at Blackpool. The speed with which it formed new batteries <2Hrs and the very fast charge time of approximately 30 minutes to 100% charge meant that we significantly reduced the preparation time.
Bryan DurrantRadio Strategy Project Manager, Devon Fire & Rescue Service • UK
We selected the ACT system, as it will charge our batteries to full capacity in about 30 minutes and will eliminate the memory effect. This improvement in operational integrity means that our firefighters will have increased confidence in their radio communications