Written by GLDVAnC3

Dave Taylor

Since purchasing the ACT i70 Six Bay Desktop Charger, complete with 2 x ACT iGAUGE Battery Analyser Adaptors in April 2005, we have been able to reactivate a quantity of both NiCd and NiMH batteries for our rental stock and customers. Many of these batteries were below the minimum capacity and written off until cycled on the ACT Charger. The need for charging a large quantity of batteries in minimal time has become much easier with the ACT Six Bay Charger. Charging new batteries to full capacity in as little as 2 hours.

Changing the charging pockets for different makes and models of batteries is a huge advantage for our Technicians, reducing the number of charger’s required in our Technical Division. Changing pockets is so easy -even our Administrator can do it!