I’ve heard similar performance claims from other companies, how is your technology different?

It’s true. With almost any popular product, you will soon see a host of companies offering products with very similar claims. However, ACT is the only company in the two-way radio market that is solely focused on advanced charging algorithms for battery-operated devices. ACT invests considerable resources on research and development in the areas of battery chemistry and charging technology. The technology used in ACT products has been tested, verified and endorsed by internationally respected Research Professors, Original Equipment Manufacturers, and has won the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Market Engineering Innovation Award.

What Are The Reasons, Why ACT Products Are Superior?

  1. Speed of Charge. ACT chargers will fully charge NiCD, NiMH & Lithium – ion batteries in 20 – 60 minutes, dependent on total battery capacity. This is a critical benefit to those who depend on their radios in emergency situations. Other battery chargers typically take hours to fully charge batteries, or worse, display the fully charged light when the battery has reached 80% capacity.
  2. No Charging Rules. The iCHARGE line completely eliminates the need to fully discharge batteries before charging. Batteries can be charged at any time without worry of creating memory effect. This allows users to do “opportunity charging” during a short break without fear of battery degradation. Further, batteries can be left on the charger indefinitely without damaging the battery.
  3. No Memory Effect. ACT chargers prevent the parasitic reactions in batteries that cause memory effect. This means that your new batteries will perform like new for a very long time and your used batteries will be restored to maximum available capacity.
  4. Extended Battery Life. The benefit of our Dynamic Electrochemical Waveform (DEW) technology is its ability to keep batteries in a charge-receptive state. This ability prevents overcharging and overheating, the two main contributors to battery failure.
  5. Battery Conditioning. ACT’s unique and patented technology “conditions” the battery during charging, without the requirement of a deep discharge. This benefit eliminates the need for time-consuming and expensive battery maintenance programs.

Why should I buy an ACT charger when I get the manufacturer’s charger for less money?

Consider the following: Your choice of battery chargers can make a significant difference in your cost of ownership of the system, the time and resources necessary to maintain your vital communications, and impact the safety of your radio users. That’s right. Selecting an iCHARGE unit can greatly extend the life of your batteries, which means more budget money to spend on items you really need. As we all know, purchasing a new two-way radio system is a significant investment. Not only does one have to consider the capital expense, but also the time, money and energy required during installation, training and managing the new fleet of portable radios. We know that choosing a charger may not rank high on your list of priorities but, we challenge you to run the numbers. When you factor in battery replacement costs, downtime, and user safety you will realize that the lower cost charger really isn’t. When you add the cost of time to run a battery management program, the inexpensive charger becomes even more costly. The iCHARGE line is simple to use, conditions as it charges and eliminates the need for expensive analyzers/conditioners to save you countless hours of mandatory battery testing and maintenance. Finally, using the iCHARGE line ensures the fastest charge times possible, extended battery life, and no memory effect so that your radio users can depend on their radios for reliable communications.

If the iCHARGE units condition as they charge, why do you offer the iGAUGE?

Many of our customers are required to document a battery’s mAh capacity before issuing it to a user. The iGAUGE also features a RECONDITION feature to reformat batteries that have lost capacity from conventional chargers.

Can I use the iCHARGE line to format my new batteries?

Yes. The iCHARGE units use intelligent Dynamic Electrochemical Waveform (DEW) technology to ensure a complete and proper formation of new batteries in significantly less time than it takes other chargers.

What is memory effect (or voltage depression)?

Memory effect is a common occurrence often explained incorrectly as the buildup of oxygen on the battery’s cell plates. In NiCD batteries, memory effect has become a catch-all phrase attributed to numerous factors that cause capacity loss over time. Memory effect is actually a gradual change in the crystalline structure of the battery’s cell plates. This gradual change is often accelerated by repeatedly recharging before fully discharging. Over time an alloy derivative of nickel and cadmium forms inside the negative electrode. Because of its chemical composition, this alloy has a lower voltage potential than the original plate material. If a battery is continually recharged before being fully discharged, the alloy will continue to develop and will progressively reduce the level of energy the negative electrode is capable of retaining. The net effect is a reduction in the available capacity of the battery.

Do the iCHARGE chargers trickle charge?

No. Due to the advanced termination techniques used, there is no need for a trickle charge to ensure full capacity. Remember, when an iCHARGE unit displays the green “READY” light, the battery is fully charged, not just 80% charged.

Can I charge multiple battery types with an iCHARGE unit?

Yes. The single-bay iCHARGE charger has an interchangeable adapter and the six-bay iCHARGE 6 & iCHARGE 6M have six independent, interchangeable adapters.

Do the iCHARGE units charge NiCD, NiMH & Li-Ion batteries?

Yes. The iCHARGE units are capable of charging batteries of all three chemistries.

Is the iCHARGE line upgradeable?

Yes. With its interchangeable adapters the iCHARGE line can change with your organization’s needs.

Will the use of an iCHARGE charger void my battery warranty?

No. A manufacturer may not require the use of any brand of replacement part unless they provide the item free of charge under the terms of their warranty. If necessary, ask your Radio manufacturer to provide a written copy of their warranty policy.

How do I become an Authorized ACT reseller?

Contact your ACT Representative.

How do I place an order?

Contact your ACT Representative.