Advanced Charger Technology

was founded in 1996

We are an OEM manufacturer and markets the iCHARGE™ line of products. Originally developed for the two-way radio industry, our product technology has expanded into other applications where superior battery charging performance is required. From its fully integrated, state-of-the-art US-based manufacturing facility, our privately-held company prides itself on being a leader in battery charger technology.

ACT currently holds five U.S. and numerous worldwide patents to protect the proprietary DEW™ charging technology. Using real-time feedback to monitor the state of the battery throughout the charging process, our technology uses a patented, Dynamic Electrochemical Waveform (DEW™) – a constantly varying system of positive and negative charges which respond to the needs of the individual battery to maximize the efficiency of each charge. The iCHARGE™ micro controller determines the condition of the battery and responds with an individualized charging algorithm with each charging cycle.

Today, ACT technology is available exclusively in the iCHARGE™ series of battery chargers, conditioners, and accessories developed to meet the demanding and diverse needs of the two-way radio industry. The unique need and sensitivity for reliability in public safety means ACT chargers are core equipment in police, fire, EMS, military and private security operations around the world. As we continue to grow, the demand for our technology has spread into other market applications.


Our technology features superior analyzing accuracy and simultaneous reconditioning/charging of Ni-Cd,NiMH,Li-Ion as well as Li-Poly battery chemistries and is intrinsically safe (IS) compatible...


Battery conditioning at every charge to ensure maximum battery life possible.


Our micro controller analyzes the battery and responds with an individualized charging algorithm.


Chargers designed to meet specific and varied user requirements.


User-friendly designs allow for simple operation, that will give it’s users fast and efficient charging.


Tri-chemistry compatible to handle the entire fleet of batteries in use.


Field interchangeable adapters provide ongoing, cost effective versatility for changes to batteries.